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My experience at the Rijksmuseum

experience rijksmuseum amsterdam tourist informationThe pretension begins at home where you can download the Rijksmuseum’s app. The app already gives you a good impression of the exhibitions of that moment. In the museum you can also use the app as an audio tour. The exhibition about the history of South Africa was followed by Adriaan van Dis’s audio guidance. The National Museum is big. Take a full day to thoroughly explore the entire museum. I have been coming to Amsterdam several times in a year. Each time I go to another part of the building. Usually I use discounted tickets.

The museum is well accessible by public transport. Below the adjacent Museum square is a large parking garage.

The staff at the museum are very friendly and helpful. There are plenty of toilets and the wardrobe is free. You can take your camera, but do without flashing photos.

There is a shop in the museum and there are dining options. The prices are of course on the high side. The museum is also interesting for children. There are regular activities for children. See the website of the Rijksmuseum.

The garden outside is also worth a visit. The museum’s cultivation has taken a long time, but it has been worth it.

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