Visitor Information Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Ticket information:

You can print your ticket but that is not necessary. You can also scan your smartphone or tablet at the entrance of the museum. Tip: Check in advance if your device is sufficiently charged.

Your ticket is only valid on the day and time you have chosen.

Up to 30 minutes after your reserved time you can go inside the van Gogh museum.

With the e-ticket you may access the museum a priority and you do not have to pass the checkout counter

If you want to come with 15 people or more, please take a look under ‘group bookings’.

Book your tickets for the Van Gogh museum online

House Rules at the van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

To make sure every visitor has a pleasant experience we have established some house rules, please read below.


The Van Gogh museum is a wardrobe present where you can leave your coats and bags and small backpacks (school backpacks). It is not mandatory to leave your coat and your purse in the museum wardrobe,but it is required to deliver large backpacks, umbrellas and larger bags and objects in the wardrobe. The Van Gogh museum has no lockers available .


For large bags and backpacks, and even for suitcases or other large objects there is no space in the wardrobe. Unfortunately, this may mean that you can not access the museum. LPlease leave your baggage behind at your hotel.

Prams, strollers and wheelchairs walking frames

Your are welcome with prams or buggies in the Van Gogh Museum.

Wheelchairs and rollators

Your are welcome with wheelchair or walker in the Van Gogh Museum.

Photography and filming

Photographing inside the van Gogh museum is only permitted in designated areas, such as in the entrance hall and the so-called selfie-walls.

Taking pictures of the artwork in the halls or in the exhibition area is not allowed. All photos and video recordings may be made for private use only.


We ask you to minimize your phone use and take into account other visitors.


The Van Gogh museum does now allow acces for pets. An exception can be made is case of an help-dog.

Food and drink

Eating and drinking is only allowed within the van Gogh museum café. It is forbidden to eat or drink in the exhibition spaces of the museum.

Forbidden to smoke

Smoking is not allowed in the Museum.


For protection of the collection and for the safety of staff and guests the Van Gogh Museum will be using CCTV.


In the entire museum free wifi is available for our guests

Other house rules

In addition, the following rules apply inside the van Gogh Museum Holland:

  • It is strictly forbidden to touch the artifacts.
  • Running and screaming is not allowed.

Van Gogh museum group visits

Would you like to visit the museum with a group of fifteen people or more and you want to go in quickly and collectively?

We recommend to make a group booking for this. A group reservation means that the entire group at a time can visit the museum and without delay at the box office and is allowed to enter quickly.

A group visit at the van Gogh museum is welcome all week for every half hour, from 9:30 am to 15:30. On days when there are special opening hours used also the times for group visits can vary.

More information about the tours or book directly?

Organize your own tour

Would you prefer to organize a tour or bring your own tour guide? That is also possible in the van Gogh museum, we request you to take account of the following:

  • Whisper sets in the museum are required for groups in the summer holidays and busy periods. Unfortunately it is not possible to organize guided tours during these periods without whisper sets.
  • The groups can have a maximum of 15 people.

Visist the van Gogh Museum Amsterdam with your classroom or school?

Click here for the special on offer for classes from primary or secondary education.

The Van Gogh multimedia tour

The Van Gogh multimedia tour provides new insights and additional information about how Vincent Van Gogh worked and his life. The tour is available in ten languages. Specify when booking for how many participants you want to reserve a multimedia tour.

Reservations and cancellations

A reservation is free to cancel or modify up to one week prior to the visit.


On the day of your visit, you can pay with debit or credit card at the museum box office. Cash payment or payment by invoice is not possible.

Visiting address

Museumplein 6

1071 DJ Amsterdam

The Netherlands/Holland

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